Quality Assurance Program Overview

The SPF Quality Assurance Program used by CUFCA has been developed specifically to exceed the needs of building owners, architects, engineers and other professionals looking at using sprayed polyurethane foam for their projects. By providing such a high level of confidence in the product and installation, it has become the product and programs of choice, providing an example for all other building products to follow.

The SPF Quality Assurance Program used by CUFCA will:

  • Provide customer satisfaction
  • Ensure professionalism
  • Give customers peace of mind
  • Provide working and effective long term insulation / air barrier systems that will benefit the building owner and environment

The SPF Quality Assurance Program used by CUFCA has been developed using ISO 9000 principles. The SPF Quality Assurance Program requires the product meet the Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) material standard and the ULC Installation standard (CAN/ULC-S705.1 and S705.2). These National Standards provide the backbone for the Quality Assurance Program for the sprayed polyurethane foam industry.

Key Components

Standards & Specifications:

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam has a product standard (CAN/ULC-S705.1) and installation standard (CAN/ULC-S705.2). Two specific products have received a Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) Evaluation number and the requirements of the SPF Quality Assurance Program.

Installer Certification:

Installers are required to be certified to apply the product. They are issued a photo identification, which is renewed yearly and may be revoked or suspended at any time.

Contractor Licensing:

Contractors are required to meet the strict standards of the SPF Quality Assurance Program. They shall have at least one certified installer on each job site at all times. The license must be renewed yearly and may be revoked or suspended at any time.

Field Inspections:

For every inspection conducted, inspection reports will be produced and data based. There are mandatory inspections for jobs in which the amount of material sprayed exceeds 9,999 kg. Design professionals or building owners can require a greater number of inspections than what is outlined in the SPF Quality Assurance Program.

Database Tracking:

A central database is used to track each certified installer, registered apprentice, and licensed contractor. Training and inspection results are also tracked along with the daily work sheets.

Certification Committee:

A committee is present to establish policy, hear appeals, initiate changes, and oversee the operation of the Quality Assurance Program.

Contractual Agreements:

Contractors, suppliers, installers and inspectors are required to sign agreements stating their requirements.

Documentation & Reporting:

Detailed daily work sheets providing a paper trail of testing results, site conditions, installers etc. are required to be completed with a copy being sent to the SPF Quality Assurance Program's office. Inspection reports are sent to the contractor, the supplier and the design professional.