We're the national association actively promoting the NUMBER ONE insulation product - spray-applied polyurethane foam. The Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association Inc. (CUFCA) provides the solutions you need today. Here are just some of the benefits a CUFCA membership delivers to you...

Listed as a Licensed Contractor on the CUFCA Website

All contractors who meet all the requirements to be licensed under the SPF Quality Assurance Program used by CUFCA are listed on the CUFCA website which has an easy to use contractor locator feature.

Technical Support

CUFCA helps contractors with information on specific issues or problems that arise. We facilitate bringing the latest technologies to you. Have a question? Call our toll-free hotline to get the answers. CUFCA also provides assistance to work through the maze of the various Building Code requirements.

Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

The CUFCA Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Quality Assurance Program has been developed using ISO 9002 principles, providing the backbone of the sprayed polyurethane foam industry, ensuring a high level of confidence in the product and installation.

Inspection Services

CUFCA provides certified inspectors who can help you by examining projects for job specification conformance, deficiencies and installer evaluation.

Regional Meetings

Participation in CUFCA provides professionals like yourself with the opportunity to voice your needs and participate in various committees.

...plus many more benefits.

We want to start promoting you today. Let us be your partner offering total solutions. In today's competitive environment, communication and networking is essential. It keeps you in touch with what's happening in the marketplace. CUFCA is your link to the global spray polyurethane foam industry.

Contact us today @ cufca@cufca.ca or call us toll free at 1-866-GO-SPRAY.