1. To promote more extensive use of spray polyurethane foam in home, industry and commercial applications through cooperation, consultation, and coordination with manufacturers, consumers, applicators, distributors, builders, government authorities, and utilities.
  2. To facilitate research, development, demonstration, and disseminations in the manufacturing and installation methods to address industry challenges and widen the use of polyurethane foam.
  3. To promote polyurethane foam for use in innovative applications through education of stakeholders.
  4. To develop, update, and implement standards, specifications, and codes for application and materials.
  5. To print, publish, and sell literature, which promotes our industry or deals with issues, which are affecting the spray polyurethane foam industry.
  6. To provide the powerful and unified voice required to deal with government agencies and other affiliations.
  7. To provide the most environmentally friendly insulation product in the industry when the benefits of energy conservation is factored in.
  8. To provide a career path for new entrants into the industry and develop a recognized non-government regulated trade.
  9. To provide a central office and information gathering centre.
  10. To cooperate with all allies for the development of the industry.
  11. To provide industry driven training, certification, and quality assurance program.
  12. To provide direction and leadership to its members.