Code of Ethics

  1. To hold sacred the concept of free enterprise and unselfish service to the customer
  2. To build industry recognition and strength
  3. To support the research and development of new materials and installations to find new and innovative uses of polyurethane products and services
  4. To advocate an advertising policy which:
    • promotes the strengths and merits of the company's businesses and products
    • advertises only bona fide prices and products
    • does not reflect negatively on competitors products and services
    • furthers the goals of the whole industry
  5. To comply with federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations to ensure the safe use of the product and to ensure health and safety standards are not violated
  6. To provide the highest quality of materials and workmanship and honour any claims on the work completed
  7. To promote the use of polyurethane foam in a sustainable manner
  8. To foster industry cooperation and development
  9. To use and install material only for the intended use and only with qualified personnel
  10. To protect the environment and act in an environmentally responsible manner