Training Events

For over 38 years, the CUFCA Training and Accreditation Program has been the standard by which all others are judged. It is a true third party program delivered to the market by industry veterans that quite literally wrote the book on Spray Foam Application Best Practices.

CUFCA continues to innovate with new education delivery methods. Distance Learning and E-testing are now integrated into our program offerings.

SPF is one of the best construction materials for providing insulation, air barriers, vapour barriers, and structural integration when installed by a skilled professional.

The CUFCA Training Program covers both Medium Density Closed Cell and Light Density Open Cell SPF Materials.

In the CUFCA SPF Training Course, you will learn:

  • CAN/ULC Standards
  • Building Codes
  • Health & Safety
  • Equipment Selection
  • Storage & Maintenance
  • Material Selection
  • Jobsite Preparation
  • Site Testing Process
  • Quality Control
  • Contract Management

CUFCA SPF Training courses offer:

  • A combination of hands-on and classroom training utilizing multimedia and Power Point in a professional classroom setting.
  • Expert training from skilled and experienced instructors.
  • A constantly updated curriculum targeted directly to Canadian SPF Installers.
  • Hands-on practice to simulate interior and exterior applications.
  • Simulated conditions for trouble shooting equipment failures and environmental requirements.
  • In-depth training in the Canadian Building Code references for SPF and the CAN/ULC Standards applicable.
  • A Contractor Reference Manual to keep for use with building officials and homeowners.
  • Technical Training Centre at our National Head Office in Mississauga, complete with environmental test booth and equipment workstation rotation.

Please note that safety boots are required for the hands-on practice and practicum evaluation.

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