CUFCA Sponsored Efficiency Matters on the Hill

November 19, 2014

On November 18, 2014 CUFCA proudly sponsored the Efficiency Matters on the Hill conference, hosted by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA).

CEEA has created an opportunity for organizations to speak directly to key national decision-makers about energy efficiency, conservation and sustainability. Placed in groups of three with a minimum of four to five meetings, this is a the best way to have your organization’s views heard in Ottawa.

Meet Key Decision-Makers

  • Assistant Deputy Ministers from Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada and more
  • Prime Minister’s Office Staff (PMO)
  • Government and Opposition Members of Parliament
  • Senators
  • Senior public servants
  • Political advisors

Benefits of Meeting that Matter

  • Raise awareness of your organization’s unique energy efficiency policy concerns
  • Make the economic case for energy efficiency with the Government of Canada
  • Present new ideas to policy makers that focus on energy efficiency
  • Recommend  the importance of the federal government maintaining the Office of Energy Efficiency within Natural Resources Canada
  • Better understand the viewpoints of Opposition MPs

For detail, visit their website here.

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