New CUFCA Online Work Record System

November 4, 2016

CUFCA has launched our new online work record submission system, and we are now gradually working to set up all our members to begin using it. 

Feature Highlights: Smart and Fast!
  • Fill out and submit reports from the job site: You can use the system on any device that has internet access, including smart phones and tablets. This allows you to fill out the work record while at the job site. 
  • Automatically submit reports to CUFCA: Once you submit your work record, the CUFCA office will automatically have access to the file so you don't have to send it at the end of the quarter. This saves you time, and avoids the possibility of forgetting the submission deadline. You can access these reports at any time by logging in to your account, and you can download them in PDF format if you wish to keep your own copy. 
  • Send your reports to clients: After you submit the reports you can send your document package directly to your customer, building official, or anyone else you wish. You can customize the documents that will be included, such as the work record, jobsite label and the installer's photo ID, with more documents to be made available in future. 
  • Save your equipment information: You can create a truck profile to save your equipment information so you don't have to enter it each time. This information then allows us to automatically provide you with data on your chemical usage when you enter your stroke count. 
  • Jobsite calculations & data: Your KGs and LBs will be calculated automatically based on the submitted stroke count if you create a truck profile. The system will also help calculate the density when you enter the mass and water displacement volume. 
  • Weather for your location: If you use the system on a devise that has access to GPS while at a job site (smartphone, tablet, etc), the weather data collected from NAV Canada will be populated for your actual location. 
We have an instruction video available here to help walk you through the system and you can call the CUFCA office for additional assistance. We are confident that our members will enjoy the speed and ease of use. 
Start Using the New Online Work Record Submission System! 
In order for CUFCA members to begin using the new system, we need a unique email for each licensed installer. We can also create administrative accounts for your staff to review the submitted reports (again, we require a unique email address for each). Their email address will be used as their username to access the system.

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