Education of Building Officials & Architects

October 25, 2016

In addition to our role as Quality Assurance Program (QAP) provider, CUFCA works to educate Building Officials and industry stakeholders about spray polyurethane foam (SPF) products across Canada. CUFCA is active with Building Officials Associations in each province. In our role as sponsor, exhibitor and presenter at these events, we are able to open dialogue on important industry topics and educate event participants regarding the uses of SPF, best practices, and the SPF industry as a whole.

In the last few months, Andrew Cole, CUFCA's Executive Director, has participated in Building Official events in the following cities:
- Calgary, Alberta
- Ottawa, Ontario 
- Winnipeg, Manitoba 
- Medicine Hat, Alberta 
CUFCA participates in as many Building Official Association events as possible throughout the year, and we frequently receive requests to provide additional training and answer technical questions.

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